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École de gardien de but Stéphane Waite
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Off Ice Specific Conditioning

  • Exercises to strengthen specific members

  • Reaction time exercises (reflex)
  • Flexibility exercises for specific members


Theorical Classes

  • Video

  • Basic techniques (Beginners)

  • 2 on 1

  • 3 on 1

  • 2 on 2

  • 1 on 1

  • 5 on 4

  • 4 on 5

  • Opponent's zone entry

  • Puck handling

  • Communication

  • Pre-game preparation

  • Nutrition

  • Concentration

  • Position on face-off

  • Reviews of professional game situations


On-Ice Program

  • Basic stance

  • Backward/forward movement

  • Lateral movements

  • Balance

  • Skating

  • Seal the post


  • Bouncing shots

  • Buttefly style

  • Play behind the net

  • Saves (3 ways)

  • T-Push



  • Screen shots

  • Deflected shots

  • One Knee Down technique

  • Reverse VH


  • Position on faceoffs

  • Play in minimum area

  • Pass out play

  • 2 on 1

  • 3 on 2

  • Breakaways

  • Rebound control

  • Poke check

  • Stick save

  • Blocker save

  • Glove save

  • Pad save

  • Getting back on feet

  • Follow opponet behind the net


  • Short & cross turning

  • Angles

  • Protect the puck

  • Cut the passes

  • Front thrust

  • Follow the opponent

  • Etc.


  • Pushing the slide

  • Beat the pass

  • Making passes

  • Stick-puck-puck holder relationship

  • Agressiveness (slot)

  • Pad save (stable and moving)

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A great opportunity to get all six videos in one package. Visit the VIDEOS section for more details.


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